TIL A US infantry soldier spared the Leaning Tower of Pisa from being destroyed by artillery in WW2 because he thought it was too beautiful

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I want to say the Germans were using it as an observation post, which is why bombing it came into consideration in the first place.


The US military didn’t bomb Kyoto in Japan in World War II for the same reason


Ya but maybe the artillery blast would’ve fixed the lean and made it the straight tower of Pisa?


Allied forces were actually careful, if I judge by the number of ancient churches still standing in my Normandy. But in someplaces they leveled everything *around* churches.


Not only. An US Army officer, standing some 50 mt from the tower, protect a local girl from an incoming artillery bomb making her shield with his body. The shrapnels kills him, and he never knows his sacrifice was not in vain -the girl survived without injuries. This brave soldier has still no name, and this story is almost forgotten (I’ve found in a book about local history).