Biden campaign plans to run ad during every NFL game until Election Day

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> President Trump and other Republicans have distanced themselves from the NFL in recent months over players’ protests against police brutality and racism Well shit, maybe being racist has some drawbacks after all.


Running ads telling fans that the stadiums wouldn’t have to be completely empty all season had Trump managed the virus better is a really good plan.


Watched my Panthers lose today, as is tradition. His ads are so much better than Trumps. The fact that Trumps ad says he is responsible for the greatest economic come back of all time is comical. Yet many probably believe that.


Literally saw two ads back to back in NC during the cowboys/rams game. Biden’s was a touching look back about his wife and daughter dying in a car accident and how having health insurance helped him. Then how his son was diagnosed with cancer and his insurance helped him. The capstone was that during this health crisis every American needs healthcare coverage. The Trump commercial was that his economy was the greatest the world had ever seen until the pandemic, and he was going to build it back.


There were Biden ads in the MIDDLE of the RNC speeches. The direct and undeniable contrast was absolutely jaw-dropping.