Daily Simple Questions Thread – September 13, 2020

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Can 2 ab exercises at the end of my workouts actually strengthen my abs/core? (i workout 6x a week) I want to train abs for a strong core, i can worry about nutrition later but there’s so many types of exercises but I don’t know which to choose So far I know to include 1 crunch and 1 leg raise type movement with 3 sets (My gym has a total rotation machine, should that be included too?)


I tried to search wiki, but no luck. It’s more of a approach kind question. My new GF wants to start exercising again. She was always very supportive of me, and I would like to help her back. I am no coach, I lift for about 2 years, with some setbacks and am a fan of free weights and big 4 lifts. But I don’t think she shares same enthusiasm for it. She wants maily to slim down and strengthen body to be healthy (but let’s be honest, she want that booty and flat belly). I don’t think I will persuade her to do deadlifts, and don’t think she will be enjoying Starting Strength. Could you recommend some workout routine for commercial gym? Thanks


So I still can’t make it to the gym because opening hours have shortened and it’s near max capacity at the times I would be able to go. I have some resistance bands which I bought earlier on in the year, but am struggling to find either a full body routine or upper/lower split with bands. Any recommendations?


How do you guys manage to workout on really hot days (>34°C)?


16 g of cooking oil can’t have more than 16 g of fat right?