DOD is spending millions, getting rid of toxic foam by burning it near where people live

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The world is a nightmare.


Hopefully the residents sue the DOD to oblivion. That agency has never had even a slight regard for human life – SHUT THEM DOWN.


The article is lacking a lot of information, like are these toxic waste rated incinerators? If they are toxic rated then it comes down to heat and scrubbers. If these companies are running scrubbers then they should be capturing any of the PFAS components that are not burned. As far as the ” burning it near where people live”, these are not some guy with chimney in his backyard. These are huge plants that have been there, in most cases, for decades. Most were originally built out of town but cities have grown around them. I have never understood why planning boards have allowed that to happen. If the incinerators are not rated as toxic then they and the DOD are guilty of not following the clean air act and if these companies are not running scrubbers then they should have their license revoked.


Temporarily ignoring the environmental and health impacts of the story, your firefighting foam is pretty shit if you can burn it to dispose of it 😉


Humans are winning the war against humans… or loosing. Point of view depends on what level of sadistic psychopath you are.