Hamilton, Texas Police Chief arrested by Texas Rangers on felony continuous sexual abuse of a child

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That some goddamn good news. I used to work with victims of sexual assault (and since most cases were children, I worked with parents too) in central Texas. Hamilton wasn’t really known for investigating cases thoroughly, or really at all. A lot of times, CSA victims don’t receive justice, and this news is big time justice served.


Somehow I doubt the MAGA cultists and Qanon nuts will have anything to say about this actual child rapist. For some reason.


This is the same town that threatened a resident with arrest unless she removed a homemade sign that depicted the Republican elephant with it’s trunk up a girls skirt. So it’s wrong to make a sign about it but totally okay to actually do it? EDIT: Should have added /s at the end. Of course it’s not ok, however the point was that the community was outraged over that one sign and it appears that while he was arrested, there is no high pitched community outrage. I live nearby and they absolutely skewered that woman two years ago. I don’t see the same vigilante crowd now going after the sheriff. Where are they now that an actual crime has been committed? Was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the community there in town.


A pedophile sheriff… he won’t do well in prison, which makes me smile


Oh look a member of law enforcement being detained by another member of law enforcement for breaking the law. as it should be, no one is above the law.