I created a personal budgeting tool in Google Sheets for those of you thinking of or in the process of immigrating to another country.

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Everyone, please save the politics for elsewhere, even on this post. Thanks.


Just an add-on from someone who’s done this. If you’re moving your stuff over via cargo ship, be sure to budget for that, too. It can run >$5000 and is a massive expense. Also, furniture on the other side if you don’t. Enjoy your journey, friend!


I would add for major debits preimmigration, hotel. Sometimes your apartment/house might not be ready when you arrive, then with corona you have to stay in the same place 10-14 days Many times people prepay for hotels. Also you should have an initial start up cost section: like i bought some pots and pans until shipment gets here, but also bedding and pillows, storage container, new cat tree, litterbox. The first two weeks can add up. I have mostly furnished apartment but there are things I still need. Also i know this isn’t always an option but immigrating with a job meant: flights, hotel, immigration fees, immigration lawyer, shipping all my stuff was covered. Really it was just showing up in another country and start paying rent, buying food here. There is still a lot of paperwork to do when arrived. plus a bit of paperwork I did beforehand to move my cat


Ooo this looks great. Any thought of adding visa fees as a line item too?


Isn’t there a tax liability for renouncing your citizenship?