Israel will shut down the nation for three weeks to contain the spread of COVID-19

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Think Trump will put them on blast like they’re Big 10 football and accuse them of trying to make him look bad?


>The measures he announced will be the most extensive imposed in Israel since the first lockdown, which ran from late March until early May, and include: >•No more than 10 people can meet indoors while groups of 20 are allowed outdoors >•Schools and shopping centres will close, and Israelis must stay within 500 metres of their homes with the exception of travelling to workplaces >•Non-governmental offices and businesses can stay open but must not accept customers >•However supermarkets and pharmacies can remain open to the public.


Ah welcome to the second lockdown club Israel. Greetings from Melbourne


Crazy that other countries will damage their economies and shut down just to make trump look bad. /s


I read this book. It doesn’t end well for the rest of us.