LPT: Make an email account for your small child and send there some photos and mails regularly. In later years when they grow up give the access to it. So it’s like a diary they can read later.

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As a father who tried to do this with his own kid (because this LPT is years old), don’t do it. It’s just too exhausting to do this for the first few years of your child’s life. Having to come up with some nice stories, poignant moments, magical insights, choosing photos, etc… in the few spare hours you have available just becomes a chore, and you’ll end up resenting having to do this regularly. If you try do it just occasionally, then you end up hating the thought of writing a mammoth email to catch up on the last few weeks/months. LPT: enjoy living in the now with your kids and use Google Photos (or something similar) to share and relive your memories with them when it’s appropriate.


This is a good idea. Unless the child is not into nostalgia like you. Either way, there’s a chance their kids will be even if they aren’t.


Make sure you log on to the account regularly. Otherwise it may get deactivated or locked, even if it’s receiving regular emails.


Considering that private information and images are mined from emails by the major email providers (e.g. Microsoft, Google, etc.) and sold to unknown third parties for who knows what purposes, I think this is a bad idea. Surely there are better was to organize and store this “diary” locally?