Nvidia to buy Arm Holdings from SoftBank for $40 billion

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Buy high, sell low: Japanese business style. Yeah, Masa got the higher price than the original one. However, ARM should be the core of his Vision Fund that should not be sold under any circumstance. ARM is the company that determines the very future of micro-computing, so it’s not something to be sold so easily.


Hard not to trust NVDA here – they’ve been crushing it.


A final blow to Intel. Expecting every laptop OEM to start using ARM/NVDA chips over Intel in a couple of years, unless there are some long standing contracts between OEMs and Intel. Nvidia is going to kill it!


Why isn’t ARM worth more? Practically every modern smartphone chip is based on their architecture. Seems like $40 billion is peanuts compared to their presence.


NVDA has 617M shares outstanding, they’re paying 44.3M shares for this. Will SoftBank be required to hold them for a certain period of time or will dilution be this amount right from the start? Anyway seems like a decent deal for NVDA making use of the high valuation effectively.