People that listen to things on speaker phone in public, why?

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Lack of any sort of self-awareness


Progressive couldn’t protect me from becoming my parents


I was in the grocery store just yesterday, and a Karen was having a full volume speaker phone conversation with her mask on her chin. I stopped and stared daggers at her from across the aisle, and she actually tells the person on the other end to stop speaking so loudly! It was then I had to say “Then turn off your speaker phone!”. I could see the “bitch twinkle” building in her eyes, and I’m sure she would have lashed out if the rest of the people in the same aisle didn’t start snickering.


I do this. I have a hard time hearing, but I always try to do it outside of a restaurant or somewhere where it won’t bother people, and also keep the conversation brief. I feel embarrassed doing it but I can’t for the life of me hear what the other person is saying when it’s not on speaker. Edit: never music dear god, only phone calls that may be important.


A couple years ago I took my daughter to her doctor for her yearly well visit. A mom came in to the waiting area a few minutes later with her kids just blasting Linkin Park on her phone. One of the receptionists asked her to turn it off so they could check her in. She seemed surprised by this request? Still think about this often.