People who pay to see a comedian are hearing jokes made at their expense.

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Fun fact: If you live in the UK (Though this may apply to other countries too, I can’t say as I only have a doctor professorate in UK humourlolobology) we don’t have to pay anyone to make jokes at our own expense because we do it for free (usually to/by friends and family). (Note for travellers: The UK wilds can be a dangerous place, you can easily get burned if you don’t protect yourself with burn protection cream so always pack some (It is best to drench yourself with it just to be safe), this provides your daily dose of vitamin Z which builds witty comeback strength and promotes unhealthy teeth).


Because it’s worth it. I’ve seen a lot of comedians live. John Pinnette and Brian Regan are the only 2 comedians where I had to put my fingers in my ears to not hear them because I was in pain laughing so hard.


Isn’t that the same concept as r/roastme?