30yrs old boy no 401k no career path 4K savings.

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Open a Roth IRA. invent in us equities. Don’t touch the money. Start a new savings. Start small 1k goal. Make a budget. Every week do the following. Pay your bills. Ie ear mark your expenses to pay what your bills will be when due. (Divide the monthly amount by 4 and that’s what you “owe” each week.) Then take the remainder, divvy that up by 3rds. Then take the 2/3 and put it in your savings. The other 1/3. Thats your fuck around money. You wanna zero that out Saturday morning after being paid Friday night? Go ahead. All your other shit is paid. Do this for 2-3 months. Reevaluate, trim the fat invest more in your savings, rinse repeat. I know this is probably more than you asked for but good advice nonetheless. But just my 2 cents I’m sure others have sager advice.


I wouldn’t beat yourself up about either. 4k savings is a decent emergency fund, better than a lot of people have. 30 isn’t too old to establish a career or fund your retirement. There’s nothing wrong with bouncing around from job to job either, but you’re probably at an age where you want to make those transitions a little more calculated and not just change paths on a whim. I’m in the midst of a career change at 32 and competing with 22 year olds for entry level jobs… but it’s the work I want to do and it pays the bills so who gives a shit? Save that 4k as your emergency fund. Open an IRA and pay into it each time you get paid. Look up some calculators to help you understand what your retirement account could look like in 20-30 years with regular contributions and average growth rates. It’s far from too late.


Don’t. Just don’t. You need to focus on you. Grow up a bit. Get a real job a bit. Figure out a career a bit. Then start thinking about investing. That $4 is likely not even a six month emergency fund for you. And going to college at 30 without a plan of a career afterwards is a waste of time and money. You really should look into a trade school or a tech school. Something that will not cost much money, not take much time, and will move you towards a career job where you can have steady decent paying employment. But if you are just hopping from job to job, then you are gonna need that $4k savings liquid.


The best action you can do for yourself is save for retirement now. Do not wait until you figure out want you want to do with your career. I molded into my career over the course of many years. Do not wait on the retirement whatever you do. I suggest you not start a Roth because its easy to pull money out of. For me, my success was not having easy access to the funds.


Uh. In your position I’d just contact one of your local unions. Carpenter, electricians, plumbers… They’ll send you to an apprenticeship and pay you to work. Going back to an actual school at your age would just be financially debilitating imo. I ended up there because I kept getting fired/having issues with people after a certain amount of time. In reality I was just going insane stuck in the same spot every day. Can travel around the country, make lots of money, and pass out drunk every night if that’s your thing…. 😉 It’s just you’d be taking out more debt with no actual career path. That you’d be in the same position if not worse in a few years.