A group representing investors that collectively manage more than US$47tn in assets has demanded the world’s biggest corporate polluters back strategies to reach net-zero emissions and promised to hold them to public account.

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While it would be nice, I don’t believe a single word they say. They’ve had more than enough time and opportunities to do something and prove that they really care. I think it’s most likely just a strategy to get the government and people of their back. That’s the magic of promises.


and yet it feels like they also said yeah but u have 50 years


Explaining BP’s very recent shift towards renewables.


Thankfully, corporate overlords still breath the same air as us. Let’s hope it continues for a while.


This is a small first step in the right direction. It is said that corporations view their purpose as bringing value to their shareholders. Shareholders have now publicly informed their corporations that the value they seek is not strictly financial.