A new large-scale survey of the sky looked into the dark forest of the cosmos, examining over 10 million stars, but failed to turn up any evidence of alien technologies. One limitation is the fact that scientists can’t be certain that radio signals are a reliable indicator of intelligent life

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If Aliens around those stars were to look for radio signals from earth, they won’t detect anything either because we haven’t been using radio signals for long enough for the signals to have reached any distant stars/planets


If you think about communication’s technology that humans use: 1. Smoke signals/signal fires/flag signals 2. Mail and couriers 3. telegraph 4. Radio 5. Internet (wires and directed radio/microwave transmissions) 6. Quantum cryptographic communications of various exotic varieties You will see that not only do our communication technologies not last forever, the length of time we use a technology decreases as our technological progress increases. One can imagine there is some kind of “ultimate” communications technology permitted by the laws of physics but there is really no reason to think that is radio waves. What we are basically doing is trying to look into the stars for evidence that aliens are using smoke signals to communicate. Ok, maybe some are, and hey it doesn’t hurt to check, but we don’t really have a good reason to assume that they would be using this kind of technology.


Perspective… They scanned .00009% of the stars in our known universe. (10 million out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s 24 zeros.) That’s like pulling a 5 gallon bucket of seawater from the ocean and saying you’ve searched for life in the oceans.


Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t we only see signals that are from the past. Like if we’re looking at a star that 20,000 light years away we’d see signals from 20,000 years ago? I mean we’ve only had radio about the last 100 years. Would those signals even be strong enough to be detected from light years away?


I’ve always wonder what then. Let say we find a signal, then we try to communicate? But if it takes 100s of years for the signal to reach destination, the people carrying the conversation will be dead after every sentence? How long to even decipher the language used?