A woman was in bed with 3 men when her husband came home

One of them hid in the closet, the second one went under the bed, and the third one went to the balcony. After a while, the one under the bed came out and said: “OK, madam, your bed is fixed now.” She told her husband that she called this guy to repair one of the legs of the bed. The husband thanks him and gives him money. Later, the one in the closet steps out and says “Now, your drawers are working properly.” The husband thanks him too and gives him money. The one in the balcony, who saw everything but did not hear anything, came out with great excitement and said: “I fucked her too.”

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What did the English man say when he found his wife in bed with three men ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello!


Guy gives him money and says “yeah, I know….”


How much did he get?


The third guy would be paid too if he was the pool guy


The husband thanks him and gives him money