All those people claiming Donald Trump is like Hitler need a reality check.

After all, its not like Donald Trump could write a book. Edit: alot of people moaning in the comments “this is a stupid joke, Trump did actually write some books so this makes no sense!?”. Look at the sub you are in, some of these posts you’ll see will just be jokes. If you are the snowflakes I am referring to, maybe a joke sub isnt the place for you Edit: sorry to make this simple post all messy with the edits, but I really didn’t expect this to blow up. This is an old Joke by comedian Frankie Boyle, I felt I should credit him considering so many people are seeing it now.

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Mein Covfefe


“My Struggle is tremendous. People are saying that I have the Greatest Stuggle of all time, possibly every in history, possibly, or maybe just the greatest since Jesus, a long long time ago. I have the best Struglle and the best appropriate responding to My Sturgle and pretty much everyone is saying so. Everyone thinks I’m the best at meeting the Strugle.”


It’s absurd to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. – Hitler volunteered for the army.


People act like there was nothing good about Hitler, but hey, at least he killed Hitler.


To be fair, Hitler couldn’t either. I mean, he managed to put a lot of words on paper. Got to do something to pass the time in prison, and working out wasn’t his thing. But most critics agree that he was a terrible writer.