America’s oldest World War II veteran celebrates his 111th birthday

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“Alas, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits.”


Just to think the guy: – Was born when Ford Model T was just coming out. – Was 20 when the stock market crash that started the great depression. – Was 48 when first man made satellite was launched into space. – Was 63 when Watergate scandal broke. – Was 73 when CDs were invented. – Was 92 when the first iPod came out and 98 when iPhone came out. – He has been retired for half his life (in fact longer than he was of working age).


Happy eleventy-first, salt dog.


Eleventy-one! Just like Bilbo


Wow. Happy birthday. He looks freaking great too, like a man half his age. Imagine how much change this guy has seen in his life. His parents or grandparents could have been born as slaves, the Civil War was as close to his childhood as Vietnam to the typical person on Reddit. He would have been 10 when Teddy Roosevelt died. He probably grew up without electricity, and mid 20’s when first watching TV. Lived to see the rise of aviation, then to the moon, then space stations. Born before telephones were commonplace and then there’s an iPhone in the background in that photo of him. He would have been near retirement age when the civil rights movement was really going on, and experienced war time rationing in WW1 in the US. He went from a life predating telephones to internet enabling messaging, email, world wide calling, and 24/7 internet connectivity.