Anyone refusing to wear a mask is made to dig graves for Covid-19 victims as punishment in East Java

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Not to ruin everyone’s justice boner, but I live in East Java and this is just one of the many silly things city governments are doing for show/spectacle instead of actually dealing with the problem in any real sense. Meaning… this isn’t actually happening on any semblance of a wide scale. The police are insanely corrupt and just doing this for as long as it takes to record a TV spot for the local news to make it look like they’re doing shit. The Indonesian government has essentially embraced the herd immunity idea from day 1, and last I checked, only 30% of people in this region are wearing masks.


Really disappointing to see that 96% of people are willing to up-vote the dailymail.


That seems reasonable.


Lmao i read the original jakarta times article last night that explains how one local officer decided to assign some people to help a local grave digger. I was expecting to see a headline like this today. 8 people were assigned this punishment, its not a widespread thing that “anyone” is forced to do. This is why reddit is so chock full of misinformation


You guys are actually nuts, this sounds like something a dictatorial regime would pull edit: I want to add something in retrospect. As pointed out by another comment, East Java has embraced herd immunity, and as a result only “30% of people there” wear masks, by that comment’s words. That means East Java is likely just conscripting random people into forced labor due to their covid issue overwhelming their infrastructure, then having spin artists put out news articles acting like it’s some kind of creative justice. Please don’t support dictatorships. **You Are Not Immune To Propaganda.**