Audiobooks or Podcasts for an absolute beginner

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The Renaissance Periodization YouTube page and podcast are great for this. Dr Mike is a great speaker and fantastic at breaking down complex concepts.


“Nutrition Made Clear” by Roberta H. Anding, it’s a course of lectures and you can get in on Audible. Starts at the beginning and explains every little thing! I only ever listened to the half of it, but by then i had a great grasp of the basics already.


If you are interested in making big changes to a whole food plant-based diet these three podcasts are good: Plant Strong, Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger, The Plant Proof Podcast.


American Glutton is my favorite nutrition podcast. It’s much more focused on weight loss, but the host is great and pretty down to earth, and he has a pretty wide variety of guests on. He recently did a breakdown on macros. In the past he has different people on for a variety of diets like Paleo.


I’m a fan of Sigma Nutrition Radio podcasts and Muscle For Life