Biologists warn ‘extinction denial’ is the latest anti-science conspiracy theory: Spike in extinction denial is likely this week after UN publishes latest biodiversity figures

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Anti-intellectualism has been an absolute cancer, and it’s fueled by social media.


Almost every single country has failed on its commitments and will likely come nowhere close to reaching its zero emission target by 2050. The conspiracy theorists in denial are the government who refuse to do anything about it. Why? Because they’re bought by the big businesses. Realistically what can the average person do besides get an electric car. Atleast blame the right people and not the average person who scrapes by.


There’s no bottom to the black hole of stupidity now.


Climate or coronavirus data may be complicated for people to form their opinion, and I fully understand the reasons that lead to denying some of the confusing news of the issues, but denying approaching extinction of animals is just beyond any stupidity and misunderstanding-on-purpose I have ever faced.


The only consolation is that if you’re over 30 you may not be alive when it all completely falls to shit. We just get to witness the “debate”. Politicians and religious folks are the only ones who care about this. People have two huge fears that they cannot accept: 1- Humans can affect the world enough to ruin it (global warming, animals extinct) 2- We are still at the mercy of nature and it can wipe us out (global warming, covid-19) Religion and conspiracies are so self centered.