Biosignatures do not equal life. Assuming the presence of phosphine is confirmed, the detection of a single biosignature does not mean life has been found on Venus. It’s ok to be excited by the unknown, though!

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They found something new. My understanding is that there is no known photo- or geo-chemical process that produces phosphine under the conditions known to exist on Venus. Whatever it is that is producing it is new to science, either a new chemical process, something we don’t know about the conditions on Venus, or just maybe some form of life.


Out of all the POSSIBLE LIFE FOUND ON X headlines we get every couple months, this is the first one that may actually have some real value. If we’re gonna get excited about any, it’s this one.


This is a lot different to the usual “biosignatures detected” headlines that come up every now and then. The stickied post in the main thread from that astronomer needs to be read by everyone. It’s time to get excited.


This is the best evidence we have ever found for extra terrestrial life. Be excited.


Don’t worry op, all the joy here for this discovery has been thoroughly butchered.