China has Been Doing ‘Mass Surveillance’ on Millions of Citizens in US, UK, Australia and India

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That’s why I use multiple VPNs so I can choose which mass surveillance system is spying on me at any given time.


Wait so I have an FBI agent and a Chinese spy watching me? Wonder which one judges the porn I watch the most 🤔 Edit: apparently I have the United Nations task force watching me wank


Me: *browsing reddit at the toilet* Fbi guy: *taking notes* Chinese spy: *我用谷歌翻译为此*


Now the question is who isn’t spying on you


Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, Google, Oracle and Accudata must just be laughing at how small this “mass surveillance” is. Following Facebook’s decision to end partnerships with Acxiom and other third-party data handlers, LiveRamp sold Acxiom to Interpublic Group, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, for $2.3 billion. The guy that runs the Chinese company behind this used to work for IBM and KNOWS how much data is now worth on the world’s markets.