Cody “Country Boy” Legebokoff (2020) – A teenage Serial Killer who preyed on women along the Highway of Tears in Northern British Columbia, finally being incidentally apprehended in 2010 after dumping a 14 yr-olds body on a popular poaching road [00:17:15]

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This is basically a video of a dude reading the wikipedia page >Legebokoff’s trial on four counts of murder was originally scheduled to begin in September 2013, but was delayed a month until October, and then again until June 2014. Legebokoff pleaded not guilty to all four counts of murder.[14] The judge and 12 jurors heard testimony from 93 Crown witnesses and the defendant.[1] >Legebokoff testified during the trial that he was “involved” in three of the deaths but claimed that he did not commit the killings. He alleged that a drug dealer and two accomplices, whom he would only name as “X, Y and Z”, were the actual murderers.[15] Prosecutors did not accept this attempt to plead guilty to the lesser charge of second-degree murder. Verbatim


I knew this kid. Played hockey with his older brother. Cody came on hockey trips with us. His Dad was one of my coaches and was one of the funniest, down to earth human beings I’ve ever met.


The trial happened in my hometown and I went to the courthouse because I was curious. The guy is huge, tall and big and those poor girls never stood a chance. The Human Monsters podcast on him is really good and has lots of detail on the case.


Check out the Canadian True Crime podcast. There’s an episode on him and it’s really good. And the four part episodes on Robert Pickton are absolutely unreal! It’s a really good podcast. I was addicted to it until episodes 12-14 really fucked with my head and I needed to take a break.


I worked with him at the Ford dealer in Prince George, although he wasn’t a mechanic there, he worked in receiving for the parts department. This was shortly before he got arrested. Was definitely a little creepy realizing afterwards that you worked and talked with a serial killer. He seemed like a pretty normal guy, we never suspected a thing