Conservative Christian’s Belief in the Apocalypse is Harmful to Everyone

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I read that masks are Satan’s training bra. Irrationality has no bounds.


They want the end times. They think they are gonna get beamed the fuck up to heaven while all the sinners around them suffer and burn. They want it to happen. They want to destroy the earth because they think they get to go on to something better. They are absolutely insane.


The funny thing is that the closest thing to fitting the role of the anti christ is already ruling over them.


Conservative Christianity is a haven for weird conspiracy theories. They are constantly attempting to read current events back into the bible and their understanding of biblical prophecy. It’s insane.


Spoke with my mother this morning whilst continuing my barricade of smoke seeping in through the cracks in my apartment. She said something that made me ask her if she believed in climate change, and continued to say she doesn’t trust scientist she trusts God. So I ask if God made the scientists . . . ? And she stayed steady. Then brought up Fauci and that she doesn’t trust him (some people just want to be on tv- not noticing the irony of her statement and lack of its comparison to trump). I finally texted with a what’s the harm in believing in climate change? She believes in miracles and told me all the little miracles she’s had in he last few days. Like batteries working and doors that she found keys too . . . just wow. She is vulnerable to Covid so she takes it seriously but also then says all this to me.