Did God not know that his creations were gonna “rebel” against him? And if he knew, why would he punish them for doing the exact thing he created them for???

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MyStErIoUs wAyS


He is Either not omniscient or hes cruel. Go ask ay r/Christian


It’s almost as if god is a self-contradictory concept.


Just stop it. Theists don’t care about anything but having their discussion raised to the level of non-believers by non-believers. They want the godless to continue to be defined by the word Theist. Ignore them and their superstitions at every turn. They will die of loneliness and oblivion. Speak of topics and concepts that spend no time distracted by them.


You’re wasting your time. Logic and theism are fundamentally incompatible, because they proceed with a different set of fundamental assumptions. The fundamental assumption of every theistic heirarchy is, “Do what you’re told, and don’t ask questions”. What you’re told may vary, but the essence of it never changes.