Does plant-based yogurt contain just as many probiotics as normal yogurt?

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I did an experiment growing samples from standard yoghurt, lactose free yoghurt and plant based (soy) yoghurt on agar plates. There was no difference between the lactose free and standard yoghurts but almost no culture from the plant based. However, this was five years ago and the world of plant based yoghurt options have since expanded quite a lot. The results might look different today.


As long as the fermentation process is adequate, I don’t see why there would be a difference between plant-based yogurt and dairy yogurt. Live cultures are live cultures. Prebiotics don’t exist in yogurt, you get that from foods high in fibre. Food for the bacteria in your gut to feed upon. Ensure you’re eating a wide variety of plants for a healthy microbiome. Live cultures are hard to measure, therefore it’s hard to get an accurate reading (especially from supplements) so it’s best to continue with fermented foods rather than supplements whenever possible.


I prefer kombucha for my probiotic source. To me, plant based yogurt is just a treat. I haven’t been able to find one with healthy ingredients, a good amount of protein and not too much sugar.


The unit of measure would be CFU/ml or Colony Forming Units per ml for ‘probiotics‘. This is a measure of viable ’probiotics‘ there are in a product. You’ll see it on supplements moreso than on yogurts. ​ For ‘prebiotics’, I don’t think there’s an agreed standard of measurement, other than saying the number of grams of something is in a product, aka ‘2g of psyllium husk’. ​ Regarding how many ‘probiotics’ there are in them – it’s going to be dependent on brand, as with dairy yogurts (this actually varies by quite a lot). You may find different strains or ‘probiotics‘ present, as with a different medium you’ll be working with different sensory qualities and shelf life, etc. ​ But don’t purely work on numbers. Do you like the product enough to eat it every day? Does it include excessive added sugars? If it works for you and you see benefit, great! If it doesn’t, eh, move on and try something else.


There is a plant based kefir cultured coconut, I follow them on FB, their kefir apparently has way more biotics than usual dairy milk kefir. So i don’t know about yoghurt but it’s possible pb yoghurt has more than dairy?