DPS: Attorney General reported hitting a deer, but man’s body discovered the next morning

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>”The release does not say if Ravnsborg stopped to confirm that he hit a deer or inspect his vehicle for damage. It also doesn’t say if Ravnsborg called 911, the non-emergency line or someone from the office. The Journal has requested audio recordings of this call and all other calls related to the crash.” It also doesn’t say what time the report was made. I’m betting the next morning. The accident was at 10:30 Pm Saturday evening, it says. Gee, I wonder where he had been earlier? I hit a deer once coming back from Whistler. The damage to my car was significant. There is absolutely no way that a sober person wouldn’t stop to inspect the damage. At which point, you’d notice that the victim had arms and legs and skin, instead of 4 legs and a hide. Sorry, but also there is absolutely no way that anyone sober would ever confuse a deer with a human being. This thing reeks. **EDIT:** “The event was hosted at **Rooster’s Bar and Grill** from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.”


He killed a man and then fled the scene to go sober up. His colleagues are helping him cover it up as we speak. He’s a piece of shit.


Sure sounds like the headline should read: *Attorney General Kills Man in Hit and Run; Lied and Said He Hit a Deer*


A friend of mine, his son was hit and killed by a drunk driver on thanksgiving two years ago while out on a post dinner walk. My friend found his 19 year old son dead in a ditch when he went looking for him. The guy reported it as hitting a deer the next morning. He got off scott free. We live in a shitty world.


“I thought I hit a deer.” “Sure. And I thought I was the Pope!