Employer requiring company card to be paid by my personal bank account

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I work for a top 150 Corp, and my Corp purchasing card is not linked to my bank account. I would never agree to this. If they intend to reimburse you after you make the payment from your own account, I’d offer to use your own card and submit reimbursements from that, if they don’t accept not linking your bank account. At least if you’re fronting money for them, you should benefit from the rewards.


This is what known as an “individual-pay” corporate card. It is less common than the “corporate-pay” program that you’re probably thinking of. The concept is that this encourages you to submit your expenses in a timely manner so the reimbursement is there prior to the funds being debited. The guarantee for the underlying credit facility still sits at a corporate level; if you run up your bill and close your checking account/have insufficient funds the bank will come knocking at the company’s door, not yours. The company may discourage you from using a personal card for control purposes and because they want the (potentially very large) corporate rebate across the entire card program. While I raise an eyebrow when a company has this arrangement – it could be a sign of poor controls causing corporate-bill/pay to not work – it is not unheard of. Source: work with this sort of thing professionally


Company issues you card. You put business expenses on the card (so that business is independent of personal expenses) You link card to your expense reporting system (like Concur) so you can easily generate expense reports for reimbursement. You pay for card out of bank account. Reimbursements come to you on your standard paycheck whenever expenses are approved. It’s one of two fairly common ways to handle reimbursements; bigger corporations will generally just pay the card directly, but smaller ones may have as as part of the card issuer requirements that each card be linked to its users’ account. This also permits you to pay personal expenses on the card if you so choose. You will probably get much better info if you name the card issuer and expense reporting system.


Were you reimbursed for the business expenses?