Employment Etiquette

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2 weeks notice is sufficient. “Thank you for the opportunity, but I’ve found a more stable job that will better suit me.”


Employers won’t match your loyalty, ever. Do what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Give 2 weeks notice and thank them for the growth opportunity


In a perfect world, yeah take the job and give your 2 weeks. But don’t be surprised if once you give your 2 weeks, they say go ahead and leave now. So maybe ask the new employer if that were to be the case, would you be able to start sooner.


Don’t forget to compare the benefits. Some government jobs have a benefits package that might be worth foregoing the $20k. Do you have a good 401k match? Good, cheap insurance? Pension?


You may burn a bridge a bit, but 20K is worthwhile to switch. BTW, this isn’t a right to work issue. That means you can work at a union shop without paying union dues. This is just at will employment, which means you can quit any time you want and your employer can fire you any time they want.