First picture of Earth taken from deep space. On display at Virginia Tech

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I didn’t realize there were two photos at first. I thought you were Rick rolling us by not actually showing the Earth photo.


I didn’t think the moon counted as deep space?


This is just one of a few good NASA / VT connections. Chris Kraft, who has an entire building at JSC named for him, was a Hokie. Regarded as the father of Mission Control during the early development of the space program. Homer Hickham of Rocket Boys/October Sky fame is also responsible for the iconic Skipper cannon Tech fires every time their football team scores. After his time at Virginia Tech, he worked with NASA on the shuttle program.


Just a note on “deep space”, as I was going to correct that term, it turns out we have too many classifications of “deep space” and no real standard. Deep space is commonly considered to be that which lies outside of the earth/moon system, or alternatively that which lies beyond our solar-system. The ‘international telecommunications union’ considers it to start at 2million km away from earth while the moon is only approx 384 400 km away. However nasa has used varying criteria for the term where the start of deep space ranges from only 16 000km and 32 000. Personally I think we have the term separately from “space” for a reason—if anything is close enough to be in earth’s orbit then it shouldn’t be called “deep space” since space doesn’t get much closer than that (although I understand nasa seems to use the term primarily to distinguish space outside of low orbit, but that’s just regular ole space or “near-earth space” as far as I’m concerned).


I go to Virginia Tech and can positively say that I had no idea this was here