Galaxy Brain plan to make your parents less religious

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Freakin excellent read. Genuinely laughed along with most of it.


Part of me hopes this is real. Part of me (most of me) is sure this is /r/thathappened Part of me is confident that 9/10 kids that try this would have it back fire on them because they can’t keep up the facade or ironically make their parents more religious and now they can’t back out.


Bravo. Have you considered a career in acting?


I pretty much lost it at the the lightning backlit evil laughing silhouette bit. Glorious.


Ahahaha this made my day! Til this point my standard advice for minors who are non religious in strictly religious households has been to explicitly lie, act as religious as necessary and keep their heads down until they are independent. But now I think I shall refer to this as a happy alternative. I think this would have worked in my Mormon household as well. Thanks for the laughs