Google aims to run on carbon-free energy by 2030

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I know everyone like to lump in Google as a bad guy on par with Facebook, but I honestly think they’re a breed apart. They do some scummy corporate stuff, but they also do a ton to make the world a better place. While facebook…. does not. ​ I felt a lot better when I sold FB and deleted my account. HODLing GOOG forever.


They could also connect to a nuclear power grid, if anything that would take care of most of their carbon free power needs


I actually like these type of ideas. But at what cost? We know that renewable energy resources has a different impact with coal mining activities anyway.


GOOG is the way.


In many places where the storage centers are, land/offshore can be bought or leased and renewables put up at a long term cost far less than business as usual energy purchases. Smart financial, environmental, and public relations moves. Doing that in expensive areas with limited available land like Singapore is a bit trickier! Curious to see what they can do in those types of situations