Google Faces $3 Billion U.K. Suit Over Use of Children’s Data

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so they settle for around 20 mill?


Less than what they have avoided in taxes.


Pocket change


>“The cost of YouTube’s so-called free service is kids that are addicted to online content and influenced by large tech companies that have stolen their privacy,” Cori Crider, director of Foxglove, said. “Google won’t clean up its act until it’s forced to do so by the courts.” What exactly do you want to happen, besides cutting yourselves a nice fat check? Some kind of special Google account for under-aged persons that blocks proper YouTube and only allows access to some kids version? Oh, wait, that already exists. Is Google supposed to somehow detect with 100% accuracy that the person in front of the screen is above the minimum cutoff age, even when they’re using someone else’s device? How does that make sense?


and this is not a security threat. lol. 3B is pocket change for them. fine them more. these american companies won’t change if they get don’t get slapped hard.