Have you ever missed someone who doesn’t even exist? How did that happen?

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Falling in love in a dream and then waking up. It’s not fun.


I was catfished, she was perfect, then found out it was a crazy ex with a year long play. If only she showed that dedication when we were together.


Yeah. I did write a novel once for fun and killed off one of my main characters halfway through and started missing her quite a bit in the second half of the book. It’s weird how characters you basically pulled out of your ass can grow on you.


When I was young, I had an imaginary older brother. I didn’t play with him, but I wrote him letters. As I grew older, I would write “Dear Jamie” letters, to relieve some stress or something. I’d write about school, about friendship stresses… I had grown up feeling like there was a brother-shaped hole in my life. I remember writing about that. It didn’t make sense, I couldn’t have had an older brother – my family would not have forgotten about a whole child. But I missed him. I felt his absence. I was 18 when my parents told me that I’d had an older brother; but he had been stillborn due to spina bifida complications. They had kept him a secret from us, due to the pain of his loss. He never got a name, but James had been on the top of their list. My parents had always been startled and and made uncomfortable by my letter writing to Jamie. To this day, I still miss Jamie. I guess he did technically exist in some way, but he had been gone 6 years before I was even born.


Not a person, but I deeply miss some places I’ve been to in my dreams, and sometimes some elements of them turn up randomly and nostalgia hits. Pretty bad knowing such a place does not exist and you can only find comfort in memories of it