Hints of life spotted on Venus: researchers have found a possible biomarker on the planet’s clouds

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I studied at Cardiff with the staff who made this discovery, and did my dissertation on the possibility of life on Venus. So excited that the research team there has found something so exciting, and hope it leads to more discoveries!


This is really exciting. Key points: –There’s no way we know of for Venus’s atmosphere, pressure and temperature to make this chemical naturally (even though there is enough pressure to make it on Jupiter and Saturn). –Even if there were, we would expect it to be continuously broken down in the atmosphere, so some process is happening that’s continuously replenishing it. –It’s only made on Earth either artificially, or in living organisms, extremophiles especially. ​ Even if it’s not life, it’s some sort of chemical process we don’t currently understand, which is itself cool. And really, what is life but just another form of anomalous chemical process?


How long until we could send a probe to gather some samples?


Carl Sagan theorised about life on venus. In fact they just referenced it in the livestream announcing this discovery. Of course 2020 would be the year this happens.


Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic here but today’s announcement is a first for astronomy. Its the first time that scientists have unambiguously detected something in space in which life is the best technical explanation available. Well see where the science takes us (maybe Venus’ atmosphere does weird things) but I wanted to point out that for once, it really could be aliens!