How is Nikola not crashing right now? This stock is obviously smoke and mirrors.

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If you’re stupid enough to buy it, you must believe there is someone even stupider than you who you can sell it to at a higher price


My guess is that it’s become Wall St’s new play-toy. “Retail buyers” is such bullshit.


Just tried to short sell it. “Order cannot be placed. Not enough shares.” Damn.


Dont short a company like NKLA. Market will stay irrational lot longer than you staying solvent. But I expect reckoning for this company soon. You have to ultimately produce products. I dont see them doing that even with partners. They have no tech that is worth something. GM and others are trying to make a quick buck while NKLA is worth something. That will come to bite them over medium term.


Fomo and all the articles of ” if you bought $2,000 of Amazon/Microsoft/tesla in the beginning here’s how many millions it would be worth today”