‘Hundreds of thousands, if not millions’: New Mexico sees massive migratory bird deaths

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I’m a fly fishing guide here in the high Rockies of Colorado, seen dozens of dead migratory birds along the river and in parking lots over the past couple days. I was thinking it had to do with the recent cold front that pushed through. Sad to hear.


In many apocalyptic scenario, massive death of birds is usually one of the prologue.


human-induced climate change is ultimately going to wipe out a lot of other species right along with us.


2018s fires in Fort Mcmurray caused so much smoke that over half of the 30 Rock Doves that lived in my Southern Alberta village backyard died. Now I have only one in my yard frequently. I didn’t see a single Wax Wing so far this year. And only 1 Blue Jay. I used to have several families of house wrens, but none this year. Just a few Robins, Stirlings, Grackles and about half of the House Sparrows.


This article has some very odd sections .. “3 billion birds have died since 1970”? What does that even mean? House cats in the USA alone kill 1 billion birds per year. The 3 billion stat and the sentence it’s in make no sense.