I am going to die, my liver is failing.

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You may want to post on r/thegreatproject It’s an archive of deconversion stories. More people will see what you have to say in the future there than will here.


Shit. Look, if you manage to stop drinking, I’d offer to get tested and see if our livers are compatible so I could give you a node. I drink a bit but I could give it up to save a life.


OP, if you are not diagnosed terminal based on medical tests. The liver is the only organ in the body that regenerates itself. So unless you have alcoholic hepatitis or kidney failure. You can survive. I was hard hard core. Seizures, pancreatitis, internal bleeding, hallucinations. Body literally shutting down. One doctor in the ICU wanted to stabilize me and ship me off to a nursing home at age 39. A little over a year sober and my liver and kidney function is fine. I am no longer in danger.


Exmo here if you’d like to talk. Or not, if you’re not up for it. I get that sometimes a post here is to help organize your thoughts. May you find the strength and serenity you need to see this through.


Addiction is a killer. I’m sorry its going to take you. At least you’re facing it without lying to yourself.