I feel like you guys are my family, I love atheists. Y’all really give me hope.

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Welcome here! Glad you’ve found like minded individuals you can relate to. Please never tell anyone around you that you no longer believe, it’s not worth your life. Stay strong.


Welcome, my brother from another mother! (Sarah vs Hajar) Seriously, please clear your browser history regularly and use a private browsing window to come to this site. Stay safe! And, make a plan for getting out as soon as you possibly can. We’d welcome you in New York City. But, of course, you’re on Agent Orange’s (Trump’s) very unconstitutional Muslim ban list. No worries though. There are many better countries to live in than the U.S. right now. This shouldn’t be your first choice anyway. I hope you manage to get out with all due speed! Good luck and all the best!


Please be very careful who you let into your confidence. We need people like you to stay alive and make the world a more equitable and peaceful place.


I can’t wait for the day when the Iranian Gerontocracy is supplanted by the young secularists. Hang in there my friend.


Welcome and stay save. You might also want to check out r/exmuslim m/