I told my parents I’m no longer religious today, and they took it really badly.

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Go back to plan A. Keep your head down, get through school, become independent, then you’ll be able to live your life as you choose, and require no one’s approval. If it helps, understand that your parents are themselves the victims of indoctrination and abuse, and part of the heat you’re receiving is the perverse rage that you have the audacity to question what they never could. Everyone reaches a point in their life when they realize that their parents are people too, and often just as flawed, fragile, and confused as the rest of us. You’re just getting a sneak preview. So, if they don’t bring it up, you don’t bring it up. As for the other parts, the issue where your parents are dictating your life choices to you, that’s just how societies work. There’s always a line where you’re considered an adult, and you get to make and live with your own choices, and before that line, someone else is responsible for you, and has power over you. >it was her fault this happened because she gave me too much freedom. I wanted to take a minute to examine this remark, because she **IS** right. Religious indoctrination *requires* suppression of questions, requires blind obedience and absolute rigidity. What she doesn’t understand is that she has done you an enormous favor by sparing you the rigid indoctrination which inculcates fanaticism, by allowing you to think for yourself. Well, you’re old enough now that she can’t take back that gift, so just acknowledge that it **IS** a gift, and she’s the one who gave it to you, one she was never given herself.


The best advice I could give you that would keep you safe and cared for until you become an adult is to lay low. Make peace with your Mother. I would blame the argument on hormones and idiots at school and try to steer your mother away from any huge life changing events such as a religious school. You can honestly say you have had doubts but you are trying to find your way. When you tell your mother that God isn’t real she doesn’t hear a philosophical discussion she hears you say “Your parents are dead and you will never see them again” and “Everything you believe is stupid and a lie”. That is not what you are saying, but I guarantee you that her emotional response shows that is exactly what she heard. Unfortunately you will not be able to change that. People will not hear any facts that go against their beliefs. It’s why trump still has a following. You are a minor and still a child in the eyes of the world and the law, but it won’t always be that way. Don’t mess up your future by trying to fight a war when you are out gunned and out manned. Be well my friend and take care.


I vote with the group that says to lie. Throw a big, “Oh My God, I’ve seen the light. How wrong I was!” repentence, go back to church, pretend to be the best little believer you could be, and keep your gob shut until you’re financially and practically independent and, along the way, have wrung every cent of support out of them that you can.


I’m sorry for their reaction. But you live in a fantastic place to be an atheist. Please look up Michael Marchal. He is the world’s best skeptic and helped alot of people find a good community


Based on what little I know about the nature of your relationship it seems like your parents aren’t looking to get rid of you. They’re trying to do what they think is best for you. You’re still at an age where you’re dependent on them and if you really wanted to run away you would have, rather than asking strangers on the internet if you should. So if I’m right then lie. Tell them you’ve had a change of heart, tell them you were angry and looking to hurt them and you’re sorry. And when you’re old enough to be on your own and self-reliant you can broach the subject again with a clearer and calmer head.