If electricity always follows the path of least resistance,

Why doesn’t lighting always strike in France?

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Because cheese and cowardice are not conductive.


*Strokes neckbeard, leans into glow of basement terminal:* Actually electricity follows **all** paths available to it, in inverse proportion to the impedance of each path. It doesn’t just follow the one path of least resistance. Also I have some french army rifles for sale. Never fired, only dropped once.


I know it’s a joke, and it really shouldn’t matter, but this is my hill to die on. France surrender was due to the co.plete lack of awareness for how Germany was going to attack. They fell back and surrendered. Britain would have, too, had they not been able to rely of the English Channel to keep them safe. Then, all the while through to the liberation of France after D-Day, the locals fought. There was so much resistance to the occupation that I’m shocked we don’t have more movies and shows about how badass these people were.


Why do Americans thinks French are cowards? As I German I’d much prefer manning the trenches with a French than with an American.


C’est la V