I’m numb to crazy stuff Trump says, but utterly terrified of crazy stuff Americans believe

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Conservatives: Anonymous sources shouldn’t be trusted. Conservatives: QAnon is saving democracy.


Remember that 40% of Americans believe the earth is less than 10000 years old. Like Carlin used to say, “imagine how stupid the average person is then realize half of all people are stupider than that.”


I’m not concerned about what “Americans”believe. I’m concerned about how Conservatives behave. They’ve shown without a shadow of a doubt they have no actual belief system. They will do whatever their current daddy tells them to do, and if Trump tells them to shoot anyone who doesn’t wear camouflage as a primary color they will. That’s what worries me.


A couple days ago, one of my FB friends wrote this: >I am no fan of Biden, but the other guy has little regard for our Constitution and laws, so… One of his friends responded: >I’m sorry that we disagree on that. Another of his friends responded: >That’s bullshit and you know it. I have spent the last two days trying to understand how someone could think Trump has high regard for our constitution and laws. It seriously boggles the mind.


We’re the redneck meth-heads of the globe. Source: grew up in rural eastern kentucky, i know a redneck meth-head when i see one