In what way are you stupid?

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I don’t know diddly shit about cars. I’m male and apparently i’m supposed to be a mechanic on the side. I know they go vroom vroom and I know where to put the gas. Beyond that i don’t know shit. When ever I have something wrong I make sure to google a couple potential things it could be so I sound somewhat intelligent at the mechanic. Albeit one time I assured the man the flux capacitor was full and he gave me a look of doubt.


My first instinct, despite a lifetime of being disappointed by this, is to TRUST what people tell me.


Directionally challenged. If I see it on a map first, I can get anywhere, but I can be led somewhere 6 or 7 times and still not be able to get back there for an 8th. Funny enough, my wife is the opposite. She goes somewhere once and she’ll be able to get back there 2 years later from memory, but she can’t read a map to save her life.


I always assume the best in people. Overall I think this is a good thing and I don’t want to change it. However sometimes it is a stupid way to view the world, because shitty people actively look for people like me to take advantage of.


Well… last week I was stopped at a stop sign patiently waiting for it to change color. I even had time to wonder what all the cars behind me were honking at. Probably some idiot on the road holding everybody up.