Indonesians made to dig graves as punishment for not wearing face masks

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That’s really smart. It’s like here in NZ if you refuse to take either of your 2 COVID tests in managed quarentine then they just leave you there until you change your mind.


There’s too many non maskers in the US to make this effective.


In my city in Indonesia there are also signs around town with a picture of an undertaker digging a grave captioned with “Prevent Corvid-19 or I’ll be waiting here for you”. Sadly, these methods aren’t helping much in my area. There are many, many people going about their lives as normal or just offering token compliance to safety measures.


It’s a hoax! My rights! ADA! sure thing buddy here’s a shovel, let you work through those beliefs.


The fact that so many people in the comments here are cheering this on makes me feel kinda uneasy about society