Let me get this right, Soft Bank buys billions of dollars worth on NIVDIA Option Calls. Then Soft Bank announces its completion sell of ARM to NVIDIA. Which causes an additional 10% gain on the NVDA stock price.

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they are doing risky speculative bets on the stock market to make up for their losses from wework i think. Rather than building up value by nurturing startups, because that seemed to have failed for them. it’s a last hurrah.


Since the deal is unlikely to get approved, I guess softbank will sell all their calls before that news goes out and make a quick buck on this.


They don’t win every time though. Look at the losses they made with Uber and WeWork. Masayoshi Son even said himself that the WeWork investment was ‘foolish’. Trouble with WeWork and Uber is people treat them like tech companies. But they aren’t. WeWork is essentially a landlord and Uber connects riders with taxis. They use tech to achive their goal, but the tech isn’t the product.


They’re operating like a hedge fund and that makes you go long on them?


I don’t know if it’s legal either…but seems like that open question should make us pause about investing.