Link to the Royal Astronomical Society’s (not so secret) big press conference today!

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You might have seen posts about that this being removed from r/space during the weekend. There has been leaks before the lifting of the official embargo because an article was accidentally posted too early before quickly being removed. We have been asked by journalists to remove the links to the leaks until the official press releases is made public. Since r/space like to host scientists and space journalists for AMAs we try to play the game by the rules. We chose to comply because: – A big part of r/space is having the possibility for scientists and experts to interact directly with the public. Alienating that community is not beneficial for anyone. – It is not fair for all the people involved who respected the embargo. Especially for the scientists who want to make sure the information is properly presented. – In general we don’t allow rumors.


This is so insane it should be blowing up the world shouldn’t it? I know it’s not confirmed but it’s the most compelling evidence of life outside of Earth ever. This day might be a huge day in the history books. 14 September 2020.


Pretty sad I googled “Venus news conference” to find the time and all that came up was tennis stuff.


Considering the “not so secret” tag, does anybody know the topic of the conference? For those of us out of the loop. Thanks in advance!


Excited for ISRO’s venus misison. But it’s not until 2023.