LPT: A blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Learn how to sharpen your knives or pay for a professional sharpen regularly

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This is why jugglers who use razor sharp knives aren’t as impressive as jugglers who use “mostly razor sharp knives.” It’s easier to reattach a cleanly cut-off hand than to try to reattach a brutally mangled hand.


Learn some knife safety skills as well, like not putting your fingers in the way of the knife. As a professional chef, I have never enjoyed the ‘young person slices themselves stupidly’ aspect of my work, which has happened a few times. My Sous Chef once had to go to hospital after trying to open a bag of frozen broad beans with his razor sharp vegetable knife – he had just sharpened it and forgot it wasn’t blunt af.


Could not be more true. Used to work in the meat department of a super busy supermarket. This was the first thing I taught all of the new guys. The sharp knives are predictable, they do what you think they will. The dull ones are full of fuckin surprises and only make cutting into a cow/pig harder than it already is.


A blunt knife will also leave a nasty cut, when a well sharpened knife will leave a much cleaner cut that will heal up better.