LPT: Be aware of what habits you may be picking up, during stressful and extraordinary times. Even if life returns to normal, new addictions won’t just go away.

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Been working on this. Week 3 of zero alcohol and damn proud of it considering how much I was consuming over the last 6 months. Feels amazing to take back control.


I need to keep this in mind and check myself. I’ve been buying the 1.14L of Whiskey and they’d be gone by the end of a week. I run out and my first thought is I need to buy more. I think I need to stop drinking for awhile.


I’ll admit I’ve picked up the bad habit of getting up later and later because I have no commute. I tried to break it last week and found that I’d grown reliant on that extra 30 mins of sleep. Time to get back into office shape I guess.


Remember people can get addicted to porn too.