LPT: Fellas, if you get a haircut you love, be sure to ask your barber/stylist what number they used on the top and on the sides, and write them down for future haircuts!

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100% agreed. And ask the barber/stylist what they’d call your cut. Game changer.


The real LPT is just get a barber. I’ve had the same one for 6 years. Not a stop and shop xClips joint or xCuts joint. A real barber. Before him I had the same one for 12 years. Before him I had the same one for 10 years. I’ve had 3 barbers in 25 years. That’s the LPT. Stop going to these fast food hair cut places and your problems are solved. Also straight razor neck shaves because they’re licensed for it. Yep.


My goal in life was to have “the usual” haircut. I moved and found a new barbershop. I introduced myself, told them what I wanted and told them I loved it. After a few times of visiting and being friendly it’s now “the usual”? I do the same for restaurants too. Tipping well helps to establish this


I’m sorry now but ud surely know what u had asked the barber for. Its not like ud just walk in and say “fill yer boots joss, let’s see what u got. Don’t fuck this up.”