LPT: For many people, it’s not the truth that matters, but feeling good about themselves. Be painfully honest to yourself, while cutting a lot of slack to others around you. If you find a friend who can handle honesty and who can be brutally honest with you, you found a friend for life.

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A true friend won’t withhold the truth. That’s someone too weak and selfish to risk losing a friend by telling them what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear


Honesty is already an absolutism. It needs no qualifier. “Brutal” honesty is usually an excuse to be a dick. Honesty is perfectly sufficient on its own.


The true friend is the one who knows everything about you and still likes you anyway.


I agree with you. So many times in friends groups you have that one person who “just tells it like it is” but in reality their just a dick. Unfortunately these people are either ass holes who just like stirring up drama or are very insecure/unhappy, unable to identify it, and take it out on others. I always find that these people insist on doing this “truth telling” do it only to the most vulnerable people in the group or to those they see as beneath them in the pecking order. Additionally it’s usually stuff that’s none of their business or totally unnecessary to bring up. Is it important to be honest with your friends? Yeah. But I agree that brutal honestly is rarely necessary unless you know the person NEEDS to hear it and is capable of handling it.